Where are all the Millionaires?

1 March 2014
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1 March 2014, Comments 0

Have you ever wondered where all the Millionaires live in the US? Would you guess New York, Rhode Island, or California? Wrong! Sure these states have a good number, but none of them are in the Top 10. The #1 state with the largest ratio of millionaires to total households is Maryland. I guess they are merry in this land. For such a small state, there are about 2.2 million households, and 169,287 ¬†millionaire households or a 7.7% ratio according to Phoenix Marketing International. Next on the list is New Jersey, with a ratio of 7.49% of their households being millionaire households. The rest of the list in order: Connecticut, Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts, Virginia, New Hampshire, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. For 2013, what were the states with the lowest percentage of millionaires? Mississippi, Arkansas, Idaho, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee are all below 4%. If you are a millionaire and live in one of these states, they might call you a “big fish” in their pond.

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