Vacation!!! Part 3

28 June 2017
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28 June 2017, Comments 0

For the third part of our series on vacations, we have some companies that will help you seek out travel deals, but to book, you must join the sites online.

1- Groupon Getaways (1-877-788-7858) Go to:

They have last-minute getaway deals online or via phone.

2- Luxury Link (1-310-215-8060) Go to:

They have either a fixed purchased price (discounted of course) or the ability to do an auction (with a greater discount, but not changeable). These packages often come with all kinds of bundles for food, massages, taxes, etc. Want to stay at a Rainforest Lodge? A Castle? An Estate? A Yoga Retreat? Need I say more?

These are awesome ways to see the world!


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