Vacation!!! Part 2

26 June 2017
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26 June 2017, Comments 0

The Summer vacation season is here, so we have a travel series to help you save money along with other great travel tips. Even with this day and age of the internet, using the phone can be just as prosperous. Here are some phone numbers to call for Airline Travel Deals:

1- American Airlines Vacations (1-800-321-2121)

They offer online deals and packages: including hotels, airfare, and car rentals, over the phone. You can also search for deals by searching for “AA Vacations Promo Code”.

2- United Vacations (1-888-854-3899)

They offer deals and coupon codes.

3- Delta Dream Vacations (1-800-800-1504)

They offer customize-able domestic and international packages and deals.

I like calling and asking for the best deals they have seen lately. Since the operators are booking all the time, they see the best savings.

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