Trade ideas for Silver 1/23/14

23 January 2014
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23 January 2014, Comments 0

For our Silver Members, here are four trade ideas for you. If you are interested in seeing the trade, please sign in or check your email.

Trade Ideas

January 23, 2014

Trade Ideas:

All of these are Buys under the Win-Win trading strategy:

For Silver Members looking for symbols to Buy, consider BP, UNG, WETF, and XOP. All the Win/Win parameters have been confirmed – ie, the 50 in relation to the 200. DMI is great and bounding up. Watch the RSI for entry if you decide to time these instead. Place your stop loss a little lower than the most recent low candle tail. Advanced traders might consider selling spreads, monthly puts, and/or monthly covered calls.

If any of these reverse and hit the stop loss price, consider exiting.

Happy Trading!

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