Top 3 Aging Related Challenges

13 February 2014
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13 February 2014, Comments 0

According to Financial Advisor Magazine, the Top 3 aging related challenges are: clients having enough money in retirement, wealth transfer, and retirement plans – i.e., think “bucket list”. Which of these have YOU planned for? I often go straight for the “bucket list” for my personal situation. In fact, I have sat down with my own parents to see what items might be shared, so we can check them off together. I learned my husband wants to go out west and watch the hot air balloons. Who knew? My percentages for focus among the 3 challenges: 70%, 10%, and 20%. Seventy percent of my energy is focused on having plenty of money, so that I have wealth to transfer and pay for the “bucket list”. Which challenge is your greatest focus?

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