Tipping for the Holidays

7 December 2020
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7 December 2020, Comments 0

Knowing how much to tip during the holidays can be a challenge. Here are some guidelines:

Mail Carriers – Postal workers are not allowed to accept anything above $20. (Please do not give them something they have to haul around on the route. You could put a card in your mailbox.)

UPS or Fed Ex Drivers – If someone delivers regularly, a small gift card is nice – just no alcohol. ($20 is a generous gift.)

Personal Trainers – One or two sessions (Most sessions cost around $50-$80 an hour, so that is $150 at the most.)

House Cleaners – A week’s salary. (Two cleaning sessions – anywhere from $180 to $400 is generous.)

Daycare Teachers – Give a gift card to a good restaurant in the area or a Visa/Amex gift card. (Don’t skip with the person who looks after your child! $75-$100 for main teachers and $25-$50 for assistants.) They have certainly earned it this year!

Regular Babysitters – One session of babysitting. (This may translate to $10 to $15 an hour, so $50 is nice.)

Nannies – A week’s pay. (This is an expensive one — possibly $400 or more. This is someone who is with your precious child and has free run of your home on a daily basis.)

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