These are a Few of My Favorite Travel Things... Part 5

21 January 2018
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21 January 2018, Comments 0

While trying to get back to the way I used to travel light, and I’m talking like when I was 16, I studied and prepared for about 14 hours. I created a shopping list of must haves, and the last few blogs have been dedicated to these favorite travel things (without you having to study like I did)…

Today, the spotlight is on garment folders. My in-laws introduced these to me a long time ago. As I was packing lighter, I needed to get some smaller folders. I went out shopping at retail stores (and overpaid for 2 of them), and came home determined to find a superior product for less. These folders are a perfect fit for a smaller roller bag, and the instruction card for folding does not disappoint. They come in at least 6 different colors. The handle makes it easy to carry as a bag to wash or simply place in a drawer. These will go on every trip with me in the future. 

This set of 2 is less than the price I paid for one at retail, I highly recommend you check this out… click here!

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