These are a Few of My Favorite Travel Things... Part 4

20 January 2018
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20 January 2018, Comments 0

After studying products and gadgets to help me pack light, I bought and used a few treasured items. The next few blogs are dedicated to these favorite travel things (without you having to study like I did)…

Today, the spotlight is on travel bottles. I have a few cosmetics and personal hygiene products that come in a large container (such as 4 oz.). I like to travel with an “airplane” kit that has a few days of all my supplies in it. Just in case my luggage gets lost, I won’t have to scramble to find make-up remover and moisturizer. For my husband, it may be cologne or lotion. What is so awesome about this kit is that the bottles have collars. In the past, it was aggravating to have to “pump” out enough of your product to be able to lock the pump on a lotion bottle so you could travel with it. Now, with these collars, you just fill the little bottle and snap the collar around the neck of the pump. If it gets pressed down in transit – nothing comes out. How great is that? It has saved me time, money, and avoids the waste of your pricey lotions and potions. This entire kit is at a sweet price and these will go on every trip with me in the future. 

I highly recommend you check this out… click here!

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