These are a Few of My Favorite Travel Things... Part 2

18 January 2018
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18 January 2018, Comments 0

While trying to travel light, I studied and prepared for about 14 hours. I created a shopping list of must haves, and the next few blogs are dedicated to these favorite travel things (without you having to study like I did)…

Today, the spotlight is on laundry detergent sheets – made for traveling. With other alternatives such as pods, they left residue and sometimes I’d even find clumps of powder in the washer. I brought enough sheets to wash all our clothes while aboard a cruise ship. I could have taken powder, but these sheets are MUCH lighter. In fact, to pack these, I placed them in the front of my rolling bag. It was so easy to pop one out and throw it in the wash. It saved me time, money, and was mess-free. Every person that saw me load one in the washer asked me about them. They were paying $2 for laundry detergent for each load. The lowest I have seen in laundromats for years is $1. These will go on every trip with me in the future. 

For only $0.24 a load (as I write this), I highly recommend you check this out… click here!

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