These are a Few of My Favorite Travel Things... Part 1

17 January 2018
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17 January 2018, Comments 0

While trying to get back to the way I used to travel light, and I’m talking like when I was 16, I studied and prepared for about 14 hours. I created a shopping list of must haves, and the next few blogs are dedicated to these favorite travel things (without you having to study like I did)…

Today, the spotlight is on this travel razor. I bought 2. One was in my carry-on luggage and the second was for my larger bag. This razor is AWESOME! Not only is it very affordable, but it produces really soft and smooth skin. I have sensitive skin (BUMPS!) and can get cut really easily, and I never had either issue with this razor. It is really short and I thought that it would be too small and slip out of my grip, but the inventors created this round and grooved area for your fingers. My husband heard me rave everyday of vacation (for about a month) about how crazy good this razor is. And guys, the rest of the things are for him or her.

I highly recommend you check this out… click here!


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