The UK review of TUPE set to encourage outsourcing

10 June 2011, Comments 0
UK Government – taking on TUPE? 

Interesting dynamic occurring in the UK. In case you are not in the UK, there has been a massive reduction in government employees and desire to move government jobs to the private sector. However, part of the issue that is occurring is the UK government is bumping into TUPE – and can’t get great outsourcing deals.

So the UK government is promising to look at TUPE and see what they can do to alter it – so as to encourage outsourcing. However, many who understand TUPE are wondering how the UK government can do this when TUPE is based on the EU underpinnings.
Below is a great summary article from People Management in the UK

(Source: Government review of Tupe set to encourage outsourcing – People Management Magazine Online)

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