Thanksgiving Facts

19 November 2018
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19 November 2018, Comments 0
Thanksgiving Facts and…
Turkey Talk!
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate our historical roots and gather together with family and loved one’s to celebrate our thankfulness as a whole. Here are some interesting and little known facts about this national holiday from
1. There is no proof that colonists actually ate turkey at the first Thanksgiving. They did however eat lobster, seal, and swan.
2. George H.W. Bush pardoned the first turkey in 1989.
3. Only male turkeys gobble.
4. The First Macy’s Thanksgiving parade debuted in 1924. They did not have large balloons then, but used live animals instead.
5. TV dinners were inspired by a huge Thanksgiving mix-up. When 260 tons of turkeys were accidentally purchased, Gerry Thomas from Swanson Foods had the idea to fill up aluminum trays with the turkey. Thus, TV dinners were born and became a huge hit!
6. Only 88% of Americans actually eat turkey for Thanksgiving.
7. Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for plumbers. The biggest garbage disposal, kitchen drains, and toilet issues arise the day after Thanksgiving.
8. The Butterball Turkey Talk line answers almost 100,000 calls each year centered around cooking crisis management.
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