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1 March 2012
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50% of British working population had no training in 2011

1 March 2012, Comments 0

Surveys that ask UK HR officers what they are worried or focused on predominantly get the answer of lack of skilled labor. However, this […]

13 June 2011
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UK – Bribery Act 2010 Compliance – It’s official

13 June 2011, Comments 0

Just a quick heads up, the UK has passed revamped Bribery Act and there is a new wrinkle. It has extra-territorial provisions. So if […]

10 June 2011
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The UK review of TUPE set to encourage outsourcing

10 June 2011, Comments 0

UK Government – taking on TUPE?  Interesting dynamic occurring in the UK. In case you are not in the UK, there has been a […]

12 May 2011
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UK to look at simplifying the tupe laws

12 May 2011, Comments 0

The UK government is looking to see if they can reform the tupe laws – which is definitely needed due to the complexity. However, […]

24 March 2011
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UK: Make sure you understand the change in law around Retirement Age

24 March 2011, Comments 0

If you have employees in the UK and had a default retirement age, please note that the UK is abolishing the default retirement age […]