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9 February 2016
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Digital Assets and Your Estate

9 February 2016, Comments 0

What if it takes your personal representative over 6 months to close out your estate? That is a LONG time. There is not a […]

18 July 2014
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Digital Assets – Part III – Ways to Include in your Estate Plan

18 July 2014, Comments 0

One method for Digital Assets is to place them in your Last Will and Testament. This means the information can be kept safely and […]

16 July 2014
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Digital Assets – Part II – Reasons to Plan

16 July 2014, Comments 0

To continue the Digital Assets review, here are some common reasons to include them in your estate plan: 1 – Make things easier. Giving […]

14 July 2014
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Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan

14 July 2014, Comments 0

What are Digital Assets? This is a question a client recently asked as she was completing her Planning Kit and emailed: “I suppose if […]

3 March 2014
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The IRS vs. Michael Jackson’s Estate – How “BAD” is it?

3 March 2014, Comments 0

Michael Jackson died in 2009, but a huge court battle still rages on in Tax Court with the IRS. Imagine this: the Estate placed […]