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10 April 2015
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10 April 2015, Comments Comments Off on Alibaba

Have you heard of Alibaba? It is China’s biggest online commerce company – and is the biggest in the world! They did $248 billion […]

13 June 2012
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Strategic hiring: Map of the Planet’s Most Visited Websites by Country

13 June 2012, Comments 0

A website-visualization firm Webempire has created this map and was featured in a great article in the Atlantic (source below). For folks working on […]

24 May 2012
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McDonald’s to Almost Double Their headcount in china!

24 May 2012, Comments 0

McDonald’s to Almost Double China Employees which is pretty amazing. And while the menus will be a little different, it is real interesting to […]

2 October 2011
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Have to register your expats in china or get fined

2 October 2011, Comments 0

Heads up: According to the information received from the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, companies have to register their foreign employees […]

24 September 2011
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Quiz! Have you heard of Chengdu?

24 September 2011, Comments 0

Over the last decade, there are numerous cities that have become common business vernacular due to their role in business services. For example,1. Manila2. […]