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13 November 2012
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Gamification: Changing the Face of HR applications

13 November 2012, Comments 0

What is Gamification? At a very basic level, gamification is taking a regular application and adding some aspects of games (e.g. scores, animation, interactivity) […]

8 March 2011
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Your ATS is stopping candidates from finding your vacancies!

8 March 2011, Comments 0

Quick interesting tidbit from DJ, on how the default settings on some of the popular Applicant Tracking Systems may actually be reducing the ability […]

24 February 2011
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Can’t prescreen for criminals in Mass, Conn, and New Mexico

24 February 2011, Comments 0

Just a quick reminder that the ban the box rules have passed in Mass., conn and New Mexico. So what does this mean? 1. You […]