Sony has 1 Female Corporate Executive out of 22? What will your report say?

29 October 2014, Comments 0

I wanted to give everyone an easy example of what the Global Reporting Initiative will and means for some currently, in the HR profession. Below is a link to the Sony GRI report – which is on the public internet for all to see. Here is one of the excerpts:

Composition of Sony Corporation’s Directors and Corporate Executive Officers
(As of October 1, 2014)
  Total Female Non-Japanese Nationals
Directors 12 1 2
Corporate Executive Officers *4 0 0
Corporate Executives 22 1 0
Sony Group Directors 13 1


This article is not to call out or shame Sony – but more to show that when the finance and sustainability officers in a company decide to comply with GRI, that it exposes what used to be very sensitive HR data. The reaction may to try and stop this, slow it down and try to barely comply but in fact I would encourage HR to rush to the front and work to get your companies to comply with the GRI standard sooner than later. 
Well here is kind of an obvious secret. If your function’s information (e.g. IT, Supply Chain, Finance, Operations, etc.) is publicly released, then it is likely to garner attention from the analyst and investors. Now instead of just hearing HR ask for support on a Diversity issue, now you have HR, and Black Rock and other huge PE firms asking about diversity. Imagine the type of board support for these initiatives.
But what do you think?  



Source: Sony Global – Employee Data: “”


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