Social Media - Changing Life AND Death? #Socialmedia #SOM

27 January 2014, Comments 0
HR is often at the front of Social Media efforts, and I wanted to share two learnings with you !
1. This is not a young person’s game!
The fastest growing demographic on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ is the 45 to 64 year old bracket! So if you are looking to recruit – these platforms are now becoming very diverse in terms of age groups. 
2. With any innovation, there are some new fun puzzles we have to figure out- Digital Assets!
Think about how much of our life assets – pictures, music, friends, correspondence and social interactions are now happening on a digital medium. There is a whole new field of work around Digital Assets and how you can plan to protect your own! Normally my wife and I’s subjects don’t often cross paths – but in this case it is pretty cool. She has done a great four part series on what digital assets are and how to manage them.

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