SHRM and HRCI tests, what to do when Mom and Dad are Fighting?

21 July 2014
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21 July 2014, Comments 3


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Getting certified has long been a sign of credibility in the HR profession, and it has always been great sharing war stories of how hard the tests for PHR, SPHR and GPHR certifications . The recent news is that SHRM is rolling out two new certifications, and they are not supporting the HRCI certifications anymore. So this is raising all sorts of questions and as a HR blogger (which means my opinion matter s no more than yours) I wanted to share some thoughts.

Room For More Certifications:

First of all, there are already a bunch of certifications for each of the functional areas in HR (e.g. Compensation, benefits, recruiting, etc.). So the HRCI certifications have long been the certifications for general HR, HR business Partners and Employee relations. The tests have been primarily focused on the functional knowledge. The new SHRM tests are less about the functional knowledge and more about HR competencies.

What to do Next Year:

So next year, in 2015, SHRM will be rolling out the first series of tests on May. The HRCI has also said that they will be continuing to offer their tests. So my advise, consider both.

If you have your existing certifications, you actually are going to be able to take a small test, and SHRM will grant you the new certifications.

Fighting in front of the kids:

What is a shame is that this spat has been done in public. SHRM says that they still hope the HRCI does well, but they cancelled HRCI’s presence at the SHRM convention. So obviously they (SHRM and HRCI) are not getting along. I really hope they figure it out – as historically they have had a great relationship and HRCI actually helped grow the SHRM Foundation – so not sure what will happen.

The Challenge:

Without assessing any blame or judgement, one of the epxertises that HR is supposed to have is how to help organizations navigate change and do it in a psotivei way. It would be nice to see this resolved in a way that all of us can be proud of.

3 responses on “SHRM and HRCI tests, what to do when Mom and Dad are Fighting?

  1. Cheri Sale says:

    SHRM certainly forgot who brought them to the dance. They pushed for these certifications, insisted our Chapter meetings all have HRCI credit, made us spend our money to get them and then … “Sorry, we will no longer support them.” They should have and still can work together.

  2. Cheri,

    I completely agree that it is a shame that this happening. Maybe it is a wrong analogy, but in my mind it is like the American Payroll Association come up with missing money. I would think the HR associations would be the best in the world at getting along with each other!

  3. M. Sutton says:

    I am flummoxed by this entire debacle. Off the cuff, I don’t like the added expense and what seems like duplicate credentials and new continuing ed rules to manage.

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