Save Money on Your Heating Bill

30 November 2018
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30 November 2018, Comments 0

Save Money on Your Heating Bill!

This past week most of the United States experienced record cold temperatures due to an influx of arctic air. Such a drastic temperature downgrade can greatly impact heating bills from coast to coast. Here are some tips to keep your home warm and prevent your heating bills from skyrocketing:

1- Use fans to circulate heat that rises and even distribute it through the house.

2- Seal your chimney when not in use so warm air does not escape outside and cold air does not enter.

3- Open curtains to allow heat in during the day and close to keep in the heat and guard against any drafts that may be entering.

4- Ensure your windows and doors are properly insulated to prevent escaping heat and incoming air.

5- Lower your thermostat to save on your heating bill. It is estimated you will save 3% for every degree you lower your thermostat over a 24 hour period.

6- Use a space heater in areas where you need a little extra heat.

7- Since moist air actually holds on to heat more than dry air, consider using a humidifier during the winter months to boost the moist air in your home.

Enjoy these heating bill money saving tips! 

Lastly, consider having a family meeting where every member of the house can brainstorm ways to save money. It could be as simple as making sure each person wears socks when they feel cold. Try layering with a sweater or sweatshirt. One of the fastest ways to get warm is to trap the heat from your head. Cover with a hoodie or scarf. Consider placing a sticky note with your go-to strategies near the thermostat as a reminder of what to do before adjusting the thermostat.

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