Repurpose Christmas Gifts

30 December 2018
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30 December 2018, Comments 0

Millions of gifts are given during the Christmas holiday season. posted that retail sales this year, excluding automobiles, gas, and restaurants, are projected at $720 billion. For the last quarter of this year, alone expected sales between $66-$73 billion. Needless to say, a major portion of those numbers were likely attributed to gift giving. When it comes to gift giving, the intent of the giver does not always live up to the expectations of the gift receiver.  Some gifts may be exactly what someone wants and others not so much. Despite the outcome, always remember it is the thought that counts. Kindness should always be recognized and thanked. However, no matter how nice the intentions, there is still the issue of figuring out how to put an unwanted gift to good use. Instead of storing unwanted gifts in your home to take up unnecessary space, consider repurposing them for better use. The following are some repurposing ideas:

1.       You can return or exchange the gift, if you have a gift receipt.

2.       If the gift isn’t too specific, you can consider re-gifting to someone else. However, before you decide to repurpose any gifts, be sure to be mindful of special, identifiable gifts given by close family and friends.

3.       Consider donating the gift to charity. There are a variety of groups and agencies that will gladly accept any donation in alignment with their policy. Such places include churches, hospitals, schools, libraries, homeless shelters, etc.

4.       Sell the gift on websites like eBay or Letgo. For faster selling, consider posting on your local Facebook Marketplace.

Repurposing gifts is a great way to give gifts a second chance to provide happiness to others.

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