Reducing Prescription Costs - Part 3 of 4

1 March 2018
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1 March 2018, Comments 0

Reducing Prescription Costs

Tip #3


They negotiate the lowest price across America. You can use them and save without a membership fee. Sometimes they are lower than your Rx copay – even with insurance. According to their website:

“Blink Health is the new way for all Americans to save on their prescriptions. With our proprietary technology, everyone now has access to one, low negotiated price on over 15,000 medications. Simply pay online before you pick up at your pharmacy to save up to 95%.

When you use Blink Health, you are joining a network of over 25 million people. Together, we are able to negotiate with pharmacies to determine one, low price for each medication that is accepted at over 40,000 pharmacies nationwide.

No matter if you are insured, uninsured or something in between, we offer some of the lowest prices on over 15,000 medications. Think of it as the cure for high drug prices.”

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