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Online HR Certification Test Preparation – 60 Days


If you are looking to take the SPHR test, this online training system a great approach to make sure you have the right tools to pass. This program has online videos, quizzes, test, a HUGE test bank, and many other features.


Taking and passing the HR Certification test is a massive achievement and requires a tremendous amount of preparation. In order to prepare, you need to make sure to be using a test preparation approach that is comprehensive. This  training course has the following features:

  1. The course was designed to reflect the changes to the Body of Knowledge for both the SHRM and HRCI certification.
  2. Many hours of Video and Powerpoints to provide overviews of the concepts covered by the test.
  3. Question bank of over 1,000 questions.
  4. Online Quizzes and Preparatory Tests that are graded and allow them to be retaken so you can learn the content.
  5. Closing Grade and Certificate for those who need documentation for employer reimbursement.
  6. The training course is available for 60 days, giving you the efficiency to only pay for a period of time that makes sense for you.


Disclaimers: Since this is educational program, no refunds can be provided.


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