Reinventing Talent Management: How to Maximize Performance in the New Marketplace


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How to leverage the power of people in the new competitive marketplace Based on research conducted with thousands of organizations and hundreds of interviews with senior leaders and employees, Reinvent Talent Management presents a fresh approach to talent management. By connecting value, strategy, and people, respected authority and consultant William Schiemann has identified three make-or-break factors that contribute to both organizational and individual success. These three factors--Alignment, Capabilities, and Engagement (ACE)--are keys to maximizing the value contribution of people to such critical organizational outcomes as operational performance, customer loyalty, product and service quality, and financial results. Using Schiemann's unique system, readers will discover how to identify, develop, and retain top talent, as well as create a workforce that is aligned with organizational strategy. William A. Schiemann (Somerville, New Jersey) is CEO of the Metrus Group, an organizational research and advisory firm that specializes in fact-based decisions regarding organizational and functional strategy and talent management. His clients range from large global firms to local and regional organizations.


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