Identifying Your Gifts & Writing Your Resume


A ¬†great 45 minute video that helps you determine your personal gifts and translates them into a great resume. In today’s job market, it is not enough to just have a good resume, you need one that differentiates you from everyone else. This video teaches you some great techniques to accomplish this. The reason the video is $2.00 is not reflective of the content, but reflective of the fact that we care.


FranzToo often writing a resume is the last task done, or it is treated like a homework assignment, and it shows. These resumes are the ones that never get past the recruiter, never get the interview. This video will give you some key techniques to make your resume standout from your competition.

This video was developed by Franz Gilbert, GPHR, who is one of the top HR bloggers and Internal HR experts. He has sat on a number of committees developing HR standards. However, more importantly, his focus is on helping individuals find employment . The techniques he teaches are ones that work

Why is is $2?

Mainly because we care! The $2 pays for the website costs, and allows us to support some charity efforts. But we are blessed enough that we don’t need to charge $9.99 or $19.99 for a video.



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