Platinum Trade Adjustments

24 January 2014
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24 January 2014, Comments 0

For our Gold and Platinum trade members, here are some trade ideas for you. If you are interested in seeing the trades, please sign in or check your email.

Trade Ideas

January 24, 2014

2 Trade Idea Adjustments: It’s been an ugly bearish day in the market!

I personally never was able to execute the BA trade listed, but was able to sell the TNA. I closed out some a couple of days ago for $0.02. I still own a few. As for adjusting, see ideas below.

Sell a vertical put spread for Jan4 14.
Sell 138 Put
Buy 137 Put
Credit .22 or better (may keep order in through Monday, then cancel)

Adjustment ideas:
1- Close out for 1.00 debit for each contract
2- Roll out to next week
3- Get assigned and wait for recovery. If it helps, I have owed over 2,000 shares at one time on TNA – waiting for a recovery – I usually don’t wait long.

Sell a vertical put spread for Jan4 14.
Sell 76 Put
Buy 75 Put
Credit .19 or better
(Conservative twist: 75/74 bull put spread for .15 or better)

Happy Adjusting!

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