Need Those Teachers - US Future Depends on it! The Math is kind of Scary

24 August 2014, Comments 1


I am assuming this is true for most people. I can think back and name several teachers that made a sincere impression on me – and had a large role in shaping the mind and character that I have today. For instance, Mr. Senecal made sure that every week he did a current events quiz, that he did not cover during class. His approach was that every citizen should be current on the news, and this was his way of making sure we learned how to be good citizens. But here is the problem, the numbers are showing that we have a major issue going on in the Education World. Think about these facts:

1. In 1970, the United States produced 176,000 education majors, and since 2,000, there are a little over 100,000 education graduates each year

That doesn’t seem bad – as that seems like a lot.. But now take into account the following:

1. There are 98,000 public schools in the US. So we are producing about 1 graduate a year to feed into these schools. 

2. Using national averages – there are about 3 million teachers for public schools – so about 30 teachers per school. 

So if the average teacher was staying 30 years, then based on the incoming teacher population – we would be okay. BUT, that is far from the reality. 

1. Teacher turnover is at 16.8% 

2. 46% of new teachers are leaving the profession within 5 years

So what does this mean? Well for right now, it is definitely impacting the ability for teachers to be successful! The teacher ratio is already at 20 to 23 (Based on school type). 

Strategic Importance:

I am definitely of the mind set that teachers are going to be as strategic, if not more, than our US military in the coming decades. If we don’t produce the quality graduates necessary to keep the economy strong. As a result, we really ought to look at making sure that this profession is focused on by subsidizing incomes, housing mortgages, etc..





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  1. Doug Hess says:

    These statistics point to a serious problem. Something is making teaching a less attractive profession than others and that root issue must be dealt with if we hope to solve the issue. Are teachers underpaid? Under-appreciated? Overworked? Under-supported? The answer, of course, will be slightly different for each person who chooses to leave, but not until we have a firm grasp on the issues, and are willing to make the necessary changes, will we get the teachers we need.

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