It Takes a Village to Raise a Job Description! What is a good Solution?

3 September 2012, Comments 0

It has been fun over the years seeing the HR applications world mature and seeing good methdologies around where data typically resides and what is the system of record for each area of HR. So the major HR data sets have system of records:

  • Who is the Employee – HRMS
  • What are their Skills and Performance results – Talent Management Solutions
  • What training they have taken – LMS
  • What is the organization structure – HRMS

But one of the data elements that I am a little puzzled about is the data around the Job (e.g. Job Description). So I am looking for the community to give some advice (especially if the answer is sitting under my nose).

The perspective – It Takes a Village:

The data around the Job seems to have a stakeholder in almost every HR Function. Here is what I have seen:

  • Compensation – They worry about the job band, FLSA testing, equity testing and fits into the job family.
  • Staffing – They need to come up with a FUN marketing version of the job description that is enticing, as often the basic job description is incredibly dry and boring. They also need good minimum requirements that help screen and/or qualify the role.
  • ER – They need a job description that functionally makes sense and is consistent across the organization.
  • Training – They look at the job to determine what mandatory courses need to be attached – such as safety and compliance courses, and in a perfect world, they also attach competency and functional skills.

My Dream Tool – A good system of record and Workflow

I know there are lots of systems that store portions of the above, but the challenge is keeping them all in sync and/or running audit reports to find out when new jobs were added. For instance, the new job is added to the HRMS, and then is automatically passed to the LMS – but a report would need to be run to notify the right individual to add the right compliance courses to the new job.

So what I would love is a system/process tool that takes the request for a new job code to be developed and automatically routed to each of the stakeholders to develop their portion of the data set and then pushed into production.

Looking for Answers:

I will be head to the HR Technology show in October and looking to see if anyone has good solutions. So let me know if there is any solution I should be looking at.



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