HR Training Flash Cards

Flash Cards are a great way to test your knowledge on definitions, dates and meanings. We created the flash cards below which are full randomized across all the bodies of knowledge.

In addition, on the answer side of the cards, there is often a URL that you can copy to go learn more about the topics.

If you finished one round and want more, just refresh the page.

  • What is a regulation?
    This is a specific requirement by the regulator or government agency that a company must follow.
  • A simple way to remember reward or punishment stimulus is ?
    Carrot or stick motivation approach
  • What does ADA stand for?
    American Disability Act
  • Measuring task frequency is a part of what?
    Task analysis
  • What are the factors of competitive advantage?
    "Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Innovation, Operational Effectiveness, and Technology-based
  • What is the Immigration Reform and Control Act about?
    Can�t hire illegal immigrants and I-9 form
  • What is a RFP ?
    Request for Proposal
  • What is a project charter
    "It is a statement of the scope, objectives and participants in a project"
  • What is a legislated item?
    "This is a directive placed on the people, community or companies by the government"