HR Training Flash Cards

Flash Cards are a great way to test your knowledge on definitions, dates and meanings. We created the flash cards below which are full randomized across all the bodies of knowledge.

In addition, on the answer side of the cards, there is often a URL that you can copy to go learn more about the topics.

If you finished one round and want more, just refresh the page.

  • Is FMLA Paid leave?
  • What is COLA?
    Pay Adjustments devised to bring wages and salaries in line with changes in Cost of Living.
  • What does a Fiduciary do?
    To Act in the interest of plan participants with the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to them
  • Should the CEO�s pay be included in Cost per Hire?
    "No, only direct costs of hiring "
  • What does the 80% rule apply to?
    Determining Adverse Impact or Disparate impact
  • Level 4 training assessment measures what?
    measures final results resulting from the individual attending the training. Like increased productivity
  • What does ADA stand for?
    American Disability Act
  • A SLA without a _______ is kind of useless.
    The blank is a penalty