HR Training Flash Cards

Flash Cards are a great way to test your knowledge on definitions, dates and meanings. We created the flash cards below which are full randomized across all the bodies of knowledge.

In addition, on the answer side of the cards, there is often a URL that you can copy to go learn more about the topics.

If you finished one round and want more, just refresh the page.

  • Does HIPAA cover financial privacy?
    "No, it covers medical information"
  • How many employees does an employer must have to be covered by FMLA
  • If you are using negative punishments to discourage behaviour - what are you providing?
    Punishment Stimulus
  • What does FLSA stand for
    Fair Labor Standards Act
  • What is the WARN Act?
    Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act
  • Is FMLA Paid leave?
  • What are executive job duties?
    "Manage two or more people, management is primary role, and genuine input on hiring and firing"
  • What is at-will employment?
    " when the employer is free to discharge individuals ""for cause or no cause"" and the employee is equally free to quit"
  • What is a participatory leader?
    It is a leadership style characterized on involving everyone