Happy Thanksgiving and my first book is published!

23 November 2012, Comments 0
On this wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, I am so thankful to be in such an amazing profession and have the pleasure to work such wonderful people! So for the readers of the blog – thank you for visiting, and thank you for the jobs that you do every day!

Also, as a side holiday celebration, Apple surprised me from a timing perspective and released my first book today – Global HR: Brazil ! This first book is a beginning of a series of how HR around the world is different and it has been a lot of fun to write. The first challenge was to develop what are the key elements that make HR in each country different – which led to a development of a framework which will guide the books. The second was picking the platform – and I used the new iAuthor system from Apple which allows the books to be less books and instead, very interactive – so there are hyperlinks, embedded videos, etc. The new platform also allows me to update the books as things change, and send out updates to the readers.

I do look forward to your comments and feedback !

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