Election Day 2018 - November 6th

5 November 2018
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5 November 2018, Comments 0

Election Day 2018 – November 6th!

Tuesday, November 6th is Mid Term Election Day! Please VOTE!

This election is turning out to be a memorable one, not only for the record amount of voters going to the polls, but also for the amount of money raised for campaigning. This midterm election is already being touted as the most expensive in history.
Interesting Fact: According to the Business Insider, the Center for Responsive Politics reports that $5.2 billion will be spent in this year’s midterms compared to $4.4 billion in 2016. So if you have felt like you have seen more commercials and received more election related mail, texts, and phone calls than ever before – you are right!
Wishing you a good day at the polls!

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