Does the Math Work? The New Disability Quota...

30 August 2013, Comments 0
One of the ways that the federal government monitors and encourages good employer behavior  is by a set of regulations called OFCCP which basically are a set of rules that employers must comply with if they want participate in federal contracts. Sometimes these rules are muted (e.g. just track these numbers) or sometimes they are explicity “Hire this percentage.”

Previously, the OFCCP played a large role in tracking to make sure Racial and Ethnicity discrimination is not happening. Well yesterday, they have broadened the encouragement level to make sure employers are intentional about their approach with Veterans and those with Disabilities. Here is the announcement (

The Problem – does the Math work?
In one of the rulings, they want employers to encourage companies to have 7% of their applicant flow and eventual hiring to be people with disabilities.  In 2010, the US census ( a study, and said:

1. The normal working population of the us (21 to 64) – is 170 Million
2. The disability population for that age group is 29 Million
3. The employed Disabled population for that age group is 12 Million
4. So the resulting unemployed disabled group is 17 million – which is 10% of the working population.

The Good News:

The new regulations do not have fines built in but the announcement makes it clear that the learning process is key. In other words, give it your best efforts!


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