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2 November 2012
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Revolutionizing Social Media Sourcing: Interview with Peter Kazanjy, TalentBin

2 November 2012, Comments 0

I had the opportunity to interview Peter Kazanjy (@Kazanjy), one of the cofounders of TalentBin, and what a great focus and company! As with […]

22 October 2012
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A Great In-Depth overview of a Fantastic Social Media Recruiting Strategy: Loreal Case Study

22 October 2012, Comments 0

I just had the pleasure of reading one of the best Recruiting Strategy Case studies I have ever read. The study goes over Loreal’s […]

6 September 2012
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Awesome Infographic on Social Recruiting!

6 September 2012, Comments 0

  I am just a sucker for cool infographics and Jobvite put out a pretty cool one that shows the results of their 2012 […]

24 March 2011
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Interesting Recruiting Stats! Social Media and Direct Sourcing

24 March 2011, Comments 0

Career Xroads came out with an well done survey and you can use these a quick benchmarks to how your operation is doing. 1. […]

1 March 2011
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Uhh.. asking employees for their Facebook username and password?

1 March 2011, Comments 0

This falls in the category of something that someone did in HR, where you just shake your head and wonder. The Maryland Department of […]