Black Friday Shopping Tips

16 November 2018
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16 November 2018, Comments 0

Black Friday Shopping Tips:

Most people use Black Friday as a time to get a jump on their Christmas shopping. To ensure a great Black Friday shopping experience, it is helpful to be mindful of a few tips. Consumer Reports offers the following 6 great tips:

1 – Shop EARLY to see all of the best deals. Most Black Friday deals are released weeks ahead of time to give shoppers enough time to make their lists and create their strategic shopping plans. You can visit sites such as and to find deals from multiple stores.
2 – Visit your favorite store’s social media pages to get last minute deals or exclusive offers.
3 – Check out your favorite stores for their online price and coupon tools. Some store apps will allow you to scan store items to get pricing. 
4 – Remember to check store policies in advance to ensure you are a well informed purchaser.
5 – Check out the loyalty programs for your favorite stores, since specials are often extended to loyal customers.
6 – Remember to create and adhere to a budget ahead of time before you start shopping. Black Friday shopping can be the biggest cause of buyer’s remorse for many shopper’s who ignore their budgets.
Have a wonderful shopping experience!

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