It is probably apparent, this is a business I am running because I love it. A critical part for me is knowing that I am having a positive impact in my client’s life. While helping someone increase their return on investment is interesting, knowing that I have helped someone see a clear path to retirement, save their business, see their grandkids more – these are the types of true benefits my clients are achieving and this is what makes the business so rewarding.

Who are my clients?

Someone asked this the other day, and the answer is pretty amazing – as there is not one core demographic I serve. The reality is that my client base started and has continued to be a very diverse clientele in every aspect – age, trading experience, locale, and amount of dollars available to trade. The only consistent similarity among my clients is that they all have a passion to learn and they all want to play an active role in their financial future.

So what are the results?

One month after every seminar, I send out a survey to get an objective perspective of how everyone is doing. To date, we have a 98% response rate to the survey, and here are some of the testimonial results we are seeing:

  • 100% are willing to recommend my seminars to others
  • 100% start trading within 2 weeks of the class
  • 68% made the course fee back within 1 month – with an additional 23% intentionally still using a small amount of trading capital.
  • 100% are seeing return rates above 1% per week

What are my clients saying?

As you see on the commercial, my clients are willing to share their success. Here are some additional thoughts from a few of our clients:

I'm excited. I can actually see results unfold in front of me. Real results delivered weekly. Optimism in a volatile market. Just Awesome.

Chris M.

It's given us control over our financial future and we've been discussing early retirement, hopefully in the next five years.

Diana and Tony A.

Their approach is nothing like an investment firm. They’re not concerned with making the sale to get you as a client then forgetting about you once you’ve signed on the dotted line. Their goal is to teach you to manage your own investments, and the great thing is it’s not too hard! They bring up different strategies and tools to deal with the markets we’re dealing with today. The results truly speak for themselves.

David J.

It has given us a method to replace income we have lost due to the slow down in the real estate market.

Dow S.

It has allowed me to be self reliant and has changed me and my family's life for the better. It has provided more leisure time to pursue other activities and hobbies.

Joe L.

For us, the Financial Coaching Institute’s curriculum provided the hands-on approach we required to get our “financial house” in order. Their continued encouragement and follow-up has kept us on task at all times to accomplish our goals. We now have the tools and knowledge to continue making our money work for us while all of our affairs are in place.

Joe and Donna L.

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