About Franz

HR Background:

HR is actually my second career – as my first one was as a senior guy in retail. I originally went into HR as an Operations guy, and learned that I love HR! It is a perfect combination of humanism, analytics and systems! I have been very lucky to learn from some amazing HR folks – which has allowed me to be involved in some of the following accomplishments:

  • HR Outsourcing Deal of the Year
  • Global Professional of Human Resources (GPHR) certification
  • Was on the committee that redid the HR Outsourcing Association SLA’s
  • Have been on the ISO HR committee since the innagural meeting!
  • Chaired several of the ISO HR working committees.
  • Ran HR operations for over 70+ countries
  • Published Global HR: Brazil
  • Have held senior roles for HR Service Providers and within corporations


Social Media / Blogging Overview:

I have to admit – this blogging thing happened by accident. I originally started the blog to just keep up with good studies and research. At the time, I figured using a free blog tool like Blogger was a great way to create a virtual file cabinet – so as I needed to refer to research I could.

Then over time, I started to realize that other folks were reading my blog posts.. then the traffic started to get higher, and higher. Then most recently I started getting asked to come and blog live at conferences and do some speaking.

So this has never been intended to be a business, but more a HR hobby and I consider myself truly blessed to have stumbled into this – as I get to meet some amazing HR leaders around the globe.

Corporate Disclaimer:

Just to make sure no one at my day-job gets nervous!

1. This blog, speaking, etc… is purely for fun and a hobby!
2. There is no money in this!
3. I do work for an amazing company, with amazing folks, and we do amazing things! However, this blog covers NONE of that! This blog is truly my own research, opinions, etc..