A great new book for female investors - The Confidence Code

4 October 2014
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4 October 2014, Comments 0

There is a new book out called The Confidence Code. It was written by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman – two journalists who explore a woman’s brain. According to their website, they visited the world’s leading psychologists who explained how we can all choose to become more confident simply by taking action and courting risk. They explain how those actions change our physical wiring. The ladies also interview women leaders from the worlds of politics, military, sports, and arts to learn how they have tapped into their own resource. They also examine how a lack of confidence impacts one’s leadership, success, and fulfillment. By going to their website, www.theconfidancecode.com/confidence-quiz/, you can receive your own confidence code assessment by taking a quick quiz to see how confident you are. When it comes to managing money and investing, you need all the confidence you can get!

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