February 2013 - Ashley Gilbert's Financial Coaching Institute

19 February 2013
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PWC CEO Survey – Great Economies to focus on !

19 February 2013, Comments 0

I must admit I LOVE the PWC infographics as they do a great job and it is a result of some amazing surveys! This […]

8 February 2013
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Project Oxygen: Great Focus on Analytics and Talent Management at Google

8 February 2013, Comments 0

At the HCI Workforce Analytics conference, they played a video of the previous year’s speech by Google on their Project Oxygen. This was their […]

7 February 2013
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Workforce Planning is Real – and there is a Standard!

7 February 2013, Comments 0

Russell Klosk from HP provided a great overview of the History of Workforce Planning, and the general theme is more a celebratory speech that […]

6 February 2013
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Surprises – a Good Thing in HR. #HCIevent

6 February 2013, Comments 0

Soren Kaplan, (@SorenKaplan) the author of Leapfrogging: Harness the Power of Surprise for Business Breakthroughs was one of the speakers at the HCI Workforce Planning […]

5 February 2013
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HCI Pre-workshop: Actionable Analytics: From Big Data to Better Data

5 February 2013, Comments 0

Mick Collins and Jaye Tanner from Successfactors led a tremendous pre-conference workshop that appeared to be completely filled. Mick and Jaye both have a […]