July 2011 - Ashley Gilbert's Financial Coaching Institute

31 July 2011
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Over 80 to 90 % of HR Execs in APAC considering HR Outsourcing

31 July 2011, Comments 0

Interesting study from Talent2 talking about how: The study found that across Australia, Hong Kong,China and Singapore the majority of the HR executives (80-90%) […]

30 July 2011
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UK: 58% of directors think their employees have a skill gap

30 July 2011, Comments 0

The below is an interesting challenge for HR professionals in the UK. “A report published by the Institute of Directors and skills research company […]

29 July 2011
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“Finance keener on HR strategy than HR”

29 July 2011, Comments 0

A UK study that interviewed both HR and Finance Execs, and what was interesting is the amount of interest that Finance had in human […]

28 July 2011
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Interesting Notes about Aon Hewitt

28 July 2011, Comments 0

Aon Hewitt did an analyst day, and below is one of the analysts notes – pretty positive perspective. (Source: Aon Hewitt 2011 Analyst and […]

27 July 2011
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Moving HR applications to the cloud can reduce carbon footprint by 30,000 metric tons

27 July 2011, Comments 0

Just came across a really interesting read on how moving HR applications can reduce the carbon footprint in a meaningful way. “The Carbon Disclosure […]